Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – The highlights

As most of you already know, today kicks off one the biggest sale events of the year – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  It’s very overwhelming and I personally feel super under pressure when sales like this are happening because I want to be able to brows through all things available first before purchase, but at the same time you don’t want something in your shopping cart go out of stock when you’re debating which color dress to get.  This year for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I am focusing on the beauty section as I really don’t need anymore new clothes (yea that just came out of my mouth…).  Here are a few items that I have my eyes on, what else do you think I should check out?

LORAC Navy Skinny Eyeshadow Palette includes 7 gorgeous shades, valued at $133 is now on sale for $15! Yes, fifteen.  I’ve heard a lot about LORAC on the blogosphere lately, and $15 is definitely a price I’m willing to pay to try it out.

M.A.C. Look in a Box – All About Nude (also available in Coral and Pink) set includes a lipstick, a lipglass, eyeshadows, and a liner.  Sets are nice because they’re pre paired by the M.A.C. artist so you know the colors will go great together.

M.A.C. Look in a Box – Advance Brush Kit includes 4 brushes that are perfect for your everyday use, valued at $119 and are now on sale for $49.  Brushes are expensive, especially nice ones.  I’ve spent $50 on a brush before, so $49 for 4 nice ones?  Yes please.

Diptyque Candle Set includes 2 candles, a wick trimmer and a snuffer.  Diptyque candles rarely go on sale, so with this deal you’re pretty much getting a free wick trimmer and snuffer.  Not something you need, but if you’re a regular candle burner they’re definitely nice to have because they helps your candle burn nicely and lasts longer.  (Also I saw on one review saying that if you buy them in the store you’ll get to pick you sent instead of being forced to get whatever pair they’re showing online at the moment, which is nice if you have certain ones you want to try).

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – The highlights

3 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – The highlights

  1. I’ve been eyeing the Mac all about nude on coral and I’m so glad it’s part of the sale! Did you bring any home and if so will you be doing a swatch?
    Btw I’m doing a jewelry giveaway right now, would be great if you get a chance to join! 😉 – Lena

    1. I’m planning on stopping by Nordstrom today to take a look in person! I didn’t want to purchase before trying the nude lipstick because my lip color is naturally darker, so very pale nude looks funny on me.
      I just read the post about the giveaway, the piece is gorgeous! I’ll definitely look into all the requirements for it 🙂

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