Beautiful packaging

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As an Industrial Design grad and a person passionate about product design and packaging, I love seeing and owning well designed and packaged things.  Today I want to put the spot light on the packaging of this adorable mini Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick I got using my Sephora reward points.  This tiny lipstick came in a gorgeous matted box that is very rigid and feels very high quality, on the top it has what looks like silver foiled logo printed on it.  When you push/slide it open there’s a Le Rouge branded tissue paper that wraps around the lipstick itself, and then you reveal the little surprise inside that is a black lipstick tube with silver accent.  The package as a whole is so beautiful and elegant, the experience of opening it makes you feel so special because you see how much effort they put into packaging this tiny product.

It always makes me so happy when I receive a sample sized product with great packaging.  It feels like they put in a lot of effort into their products, they care about the things they produce, seeks perfection even in the smallest detail, and treat everything equally as important regardless of the size.  I think your first interaction with a product is like a first impression, it has to be great and memorable for it to be able to make an impression on you, and this lipstick definitely did!

Beautiful packaging

5 thoughts on “Beautiful packaging

    1. I can see how some people feel that way, it definitely depends on the person and is very subjective.
      I personally love them because its related to my field of study and I appreciate the effort and time they put in to designing something beautiful. And this is definitely not limited to luxury brands, drugstore brands have cute packaging as well that I really like!

  1. I looove their packaging. I have a deep rouge Givenchy lipstick with gorgeous gold casing, which I always “save” for special events where a Chubby Stick would seem kind of funny, bar code and all. The Givenchy flagship in Paris is just as beautifully ornamented – gilded gargoyles, swooping lettering, and big arches everywhere!

    1. Ahh I know! I was so surprised because it was a free reward thing from Sephora, it’s nice to see such detailed and gorgeous packaging on free giveaway products. And I think doing a trip to visit the flagship stores of different brands would be so much fun! Putting that on my bucket list… Hehe.

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