Pink 5 ways

pink 5 ways

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I recently started getting into the color pink, there are endless possibilities there and its amazing how the color helps softens up your look.  Today I’m going to do a little show and tell of my progress on exploring with different shades of pink!


This neon coral pink shirt its very eye catching and helps brighten up my over all look so I look more upbeat and alive.  It is a perfect summer color as it is very vibrant and fun.  I paired this t-shirt with a pastel blue stripe skirt and a grey cardigan to mellow it out so the outfit is not too in-your-face.


The bottom of the skirt has 2 layers of ruffles so it makes the shape kind of busy and complicated, it is also very colorful and has a busy pattern on it so it can be difficult to pair with.  I went with a simple white lace tank top to create some texture on top and a grey cardigan to soften the overall look.

I love the pastel and pale pink hue this summer, it is close to being neutral so it’s friendly towards different color combinations.  These shorts I got from Lou and Grey are my favorite pair to wear this season, the color is perfect and they’re so comfortable and the structure is not too fitting so it allows some airflow and keeps you cool.


Nude-ish pink is also another one of my favorite, like the pastel/pale pink it is close to being a neutral color so it is easy to pair with everything.  You can pair it with light colors to create a more bright and youthful look, or dark colors to create a more sleek and grounded look.pink2Monochromatic outfits have been very popular recently, most people like to do the white grey and black combination, a lot of runway look lean towards the bright color hues.  I personally really like the pale color monochromatic look as it is a very soft look and is easy on the eyes.

There are lots of outfit possibilities with different shades of pink, and I’m loving the process of exploring them!  What’s your favorite shade of pink and how do you incorporate it in your outfits?

Pink 5 ways

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