Shyusized shopping tips

shyusized shopping tip

I love love love shopping, but I wasn’t always a good shopper. There are so many times I failed to get the best deal because I was either not patient enough to wait for the better sale that I knew was coming, or too careless to do the math before buying. But I would like to think that I’ve learned from my mistakes and have become a more responsible adult when it comes to shopping now.  So today I want to share some of the things I’ve learn from my past mistakes and a few tips I now keep in mind when making a purchase.

Shop the already on sale – Companies need to add new items to their stores all the time to keep up with the fashion trend, and when they do they put their not-so-new items on sale.  This is the perfect time to buy the trendy piece that you like so much but can’t really afford.  Usually items rotate out every month or so, so be patience if the item you like is not on sale yet, it won’t take long.

Holiday is not just for friends and family – There are definitely items that just won’t go on sale, like the staples, the basics, the items that everybody want and need.  But remember, companies love using holiday as an excuse to do a big “sale” to attract traffic to their sites, so if your favorite pair of jeans just won’t go on sale, make sure to check your calender for the upcoming holidays and keep an eye out for the sale.

The semi annual sale – A lot of stores do a big sale every 6 months, mainly to clean out the out of season styles.  Victoria’s Secret, ZARA and Lilly Pulitzer to name a few.  Usually the sale happens in the middle and end of the year, so remember to subscribe to the sites you’re interested in to get updates from them about when the sale is starting.

Combine discounts – Sometimes you get free gift certificates from stores to encourage you to shop, but you can only use on “full-price” purchases which is kind of a bummer.  But be ware there are times when sites will have promotions on things that are still consider full price items but with a discounted price.  This is a perfect time to utilize your free gift certificate on these already discounted full price items to get a great deal.

Calculate – Buying more doesn’t always give you a better discount, a set amount of discount instead of a percentage off is a bad deal when you buy more.  So keep that in mind and make sure to calculate what is the best deal for your order.

Free shipping – There are definitely times when I was adding things to my shopping cart just so I can get to the free shipping amount.  Instead of spending an extra $10 on shipping why not just buy more so I can avoid that charge and have more stuff at the same time?  Was a terrible mentality to have, you end up buying things that you don’t really need and spending unnecessary money.  The next time you shop on a site that provides free shipping when you spend a certain amount, why not wait till you can fill you bag up with things you really need then purchase them all at once?

So remember, always think twice before making a purchase, because return can be such a pain even when it’s free.

Shyusized shopping tips

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