Beach ready

swim suits

This afternoon, I’ll be heading down to VA Beach to hang out with some of my best friends!  I’m oh so excited to be reunited with all of them, and on top of that I cannot wait to be by the water and get some sun!

For the longest time I hated the way I look in bandeau because I think they make me look very flat chested, but for some reason I’m just drawn to them and can’t stop myself from wanting them.  During the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale I picked up 2 new bathing suits, Twist Bandeau (left) and Beach Sexy Push-Up Bandeau (right) in my actual size instead of a size down like I usually do for bandeau, and to my surprise they fit extremely well and make my breasts look amazing!  I always thought I need to get a size down in bandeau so it will be tight around the bust and stay up, but I was very very wrong.  After this purchase I’ve come to the realization that getting your true size is very important not only for bras but for bathing suits as well.  It really makes a big difference!

I’m so excited to wear these to the beach, both of them are very colorful, eye catching, fun and perfect for the summer!  I’m so happy that they fit so well and I can finally be friends with bandeau.  Also a note to self and anyone that’s planning on purchasing new bathing suits: Do not get a size down just because you like it and it’s out of stock in your size, it will not look good or fit right!

Happy sunning everyone!

Beach ready

5 thoughts on “Beach ready

  1. Tina Chher says:

    some vs swimsuit has 3 slots so you can make your swimsuit tighter if needed! i just figured that out the other day with one of mine.

    1. For the bras its decent, but for swim I don’t really think they make that big of a difference honestly… but most of the stuff they sell have the word “push-up” in them so it’s hard to avoid.

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