Sunning checklist







Happy summer!  With a beach trip right around the corner, I think it’s a perfect time for me to make a beach essentials list to share and compare with everyone that’s planning trips to the beach this summer.  I don’t take a lot of things with me to the beach mainly because I don’t like them being exposed to the sunlight and heat for an extended period of time, so today I’m going to expose what’s in my beach bag (see what I did there?), sharing with you my necessities for the beach.

Sunscreen(face) – My mom always tells me to use different sunscreens for my face and body because the formula for regular sunscreens might are too oily for the face.  I’m taking my Sisley Super Ecran Solaire Visage Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen with SPF50+ for my face, It protects and prevents my face from getting too tan and at the same time doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable and overly oily.

Sunscreen(body) – I picked the Copperton Sport SPF30 for my body, choosing something not as intense as the face sunscreen because I would like to get a little more color on my body.  I like this because it’s not too sticky and it’s water resistant, which is perfect for when you’ll be going in and out of the water.

Lip balm – Your lips need to be protected from the sun as well, with the wind blowing and sun burning, you should reapply often to keep your lips hydrated and protected.  I packed my EOS lip balm as they’re my new love, this will be my first trial run to see how it’ll hold up in the heat.

Hat – A hat acts as a secondary sun protector for your face when you’re on the beach, and also a cover for your face when you lay down.  I got this adorable hat at Target, I picked it over the other ones because it has a wider brim that can provide more coverage.

Hair tie – Flowy hair in a picture on the beach looks beautiful, but the reality is it gets way too hot and sweaty for you to keep you hair down.  Always keep a spare hair tie or two in your bag in case you’re sick of the heat, wind blowing your hair all over the place, or just want to get it out of your way when you’re ready to get in the water.

Sunglasses – Sometime a hat provides enough shade for you eyes, but for times when it doesn’t, or if you opt for a no hat look at the beach this summer, a pair of good sunglasses is a must!  These Rayban Classic Aviators are great for protecting my eyes from the sun and keep me looking stylish.

Sandals – A must for your feet when walking on the burning sand.  I got these from the Georgia Tech bookstore right before I graduate because I wanted something I can wear on a daily basis that reminds me of my alma mater.  They’re actually very comfortable and easy to walk in, the wide straps provide enough support for the top of my feet so it doesn’t eat in my skin when I walk.

Towel – This Tropicana beach towel was a freebie from Tropicana in the late 80s I believe, my family have had it since I was a baby.  I don’t even think you can find this on eBay now, a serious vintage item if I do say so myself (jeez I feel old).  Despite how old it is, it’s still in great condition!  The color is still vibrant, and I love the old school graphic design.  This has been my beach stable my whole life and I plan on keeping it that way.

Technology – I try not to be on my phone as much when I’m with people, but it is nice to know you have the option to go into the zone and get some mental alone time when you want.  I also like to document my vacation so being able to snap a quick shot when things are happening is a must.

Bag – Going to the beach you should definitely opt for a bag with material that can handle the sun light, heat and water, also avoid dark color bags because it absorbs heat faster and might overheat your belongings.  I’m taking my large Longchamp bag because it has a zipper so you can seal the bag and prevents sand from getting in and making a mess, and the long handles are easy to carry by hand or as a shoulder bag.

What are your must haves for the beach this summer?

Sunning checklist

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