Aubergine tiles

not your typical print1

I was very skeptical when looking at these MOTO Aubergine Tile Print Leigh Jeans online, the base color looked beige and pairing that with the aubergine makes the jeans look subdued and muddy.  I only decided to give it a try because I love my other pair so much and these were on sale for a great price (and I can always return them if I don’t like them thanks to the free return TopShop offers).  But to my surprise the color combination looks fabulous in person!  The base color is more of a true white which makes the over all look bright and uplifting unlike the pictures shown online, and somehow the aubergine is muted enough that it’s not as obtrusive as my other pair in blue, which makes it perfect to pair with most outfits without stealing all the attention.

Leigh tile red3

For today’s outfit I want the focus to be on the jeans so I went with a plain white top to pair with it, although its just a white shirt, the slit on the side gives it a unique look and makes it more interesting.  And as you can see the colors of the jeans are not too in-your-face so they’re really easy on the eyes and work great with any color tops, shoes and accessories.

Aubergine tiles

3 thoughts on “Aubergine tiles

    1. Thanks Jess! I got those when I was home over Chinese New Year, they were only 30 bucks and super comfy. We need to take a shopping trip to Taiwan one day 😉

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