Neon pear

neon pear

Today, I’m breaking out my “signature” pear sweater from J.Crew Factory!  I purchased this sweater at the outlet in Georgia last year and have been in love with it ever since.  It caught my eye in the sale section and I just couldn’t leave the store without having it.  The sweater is a size XL which is more than loose fitting on me, but I figure it would be a perfect sweater to pair with leggings (and I love wearing leggings).

As we approach burning hot outside they decided to crank the air up in the office and make it arctic cold, so I decided to take this babe out to wear to the office hoping it will be able to keep me warm.  The sweater is loose enough that I can still get some air under it to stay somewhat cool outside, but provides enough coverage to keep me warm in the office.  I paired the pear sweater with a black lace pencil skirt I got from Forever 21 years ago instead of leggings because it looks more formal and outside weather/work appropriate this way.  Also I’m pretty sure the sweater shrunk after it’s last visit to the washer so it’s not as long as it used to be… Oops.

Neon pear

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