Hint of pink

Loft scoop neck sweater

White grey and black are the basics we all love because they pair well with everything, but sometimes grey can make me look a little dull and tired, so I’ve been searching for another color that can possibly make my basics collection more uplifting, and I think I found just the one!

Pale pink brings out the warmth of my fairly neutral (no obvious overtone of olive, sallow, or pink) skin tone and makes me look more energized and alive.  I was never a pink person, so I never thought any shade of pink would become a stable in my closet, but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by the effect pale pink has on my skin.

ootd - pale pink and navy

Today’s outfit I decided to pair my newly acquired Loft texture Scoop Neck Sweater in Peachy Pink with my J.Crew skirt from a few seasons back to balance out this gloomy weather that’s been going on in DC.

Happy Thursday y’all! Hope it’s nice and sunny on your side of the internet!

Hint of pink

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