Skin care routine

I’m not a skin care expert at all, but mama Shyu on the other hand knows how to take care of herself extremely well.  At the age of 25 I have yet to purchase a skin care product for myself, all my skin care products came from my mom (which I’m so very grateful for), she constantly look for the best products out there and only give me what she thinks is the best.  Skin care to her is like comfort clothing to me, she’s passionate about it and refuse to settle for second best.  Today I’ll be showing off my Sisley skin care set from mama Shyu!

Side note:  She has been labeling each bottle for me ever since before I can read English, at first mainly because I didn’t understand what was said on the packaging, but now I think she’s just used to it (and so am I).  So you can see on each bottle there is a small sticker or two with a number on it, telling me the order of which I should apply them in.

skin care

From left to right:

Floral Toning Lotion – Label number 1 on mama Shyu’s numbering system, this bottle of toning lotion acts as a prepper and buffer between washing your face and skin care.  It removes the leftover makeup from your face (after wash) and cleanse the skin.  It is pretty refreshing when you apply it on your face right after the wash, gentle enough and very light and comfortable on the skin.

Intensive Whitening Serum – For as long as I can remember, I’m always more tan than the other kids in my class in Taiwan.  But even after 20 years my mom still has hope of me having fair skin.  This serum is said to provide visible skin lightening and decrease the appearance of dark spots, but it is not very effective on me…  It definitely made my skin tone look more even, but not so much whitening.  This is my second favorite of them all, it is moist enough for my just out of shower skin, but not too oily, keeping my skin feel clean, refreshing and hydrated.

Lightening Hydrating Emulsion – On the labeling mom specifically wrote down “summer”, she told me this is an extra I have to put on between my normal 2 and 3 during the summer.  The main purpose of this bottle is also skin lightening, it also help keeps the skin soft and gives it a natural glow.

Emulsion Compound –  This bottle is my favorite, it keeps my skin hydrated and comfortable when I apply it, it is also not greasy at all, leaving your skin with a more matte appearance.  I would skip the middle steps sometime and just go with the toner and this if I don’t feel like having so much product on my face.  It is hydrating enough to use on its own, but definitely combine it with the others when you’re going to be in a dry air conditioned room all day to maximize the effectiveness.

Super Ecran Solaire Visage – This tube is a broad spectrum facial sunscreen with SPF 50+.  I rarely use this because it is quite heavy, the formula is thick and makes me feel kinda greasy after applying (which makes sense since it’s an SPF 50+).  Mama Shyu is a firm believer of putting on sun screen always, but with a formula this heavy it is really hard for me to want to put it on my face especially in the summer time.  I get lazy and switch to the Sunleya SPF 15 on the days I know I won’t be exposed to the sun other than in my car during my commute between home and work, but I do always make sure to apply it when I know I’m going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time because extended exposure to the sun can accelerate skin-aging, cause dehydration and form wrinkles.

I like their products because they smell and feel natural, like they’re meant to be on your face.  I really enjoy all the products I’ve used by Sisley, even the sunscreen (compare to the other ones I’ve used).  The price point is on the expensive end, but I highly recommend it for those of you that are willing to splurge on skin care products, it is definitely worth it!

Skin care routine

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