The lip perfector


As a beginner in the make up/beauty territory, I try to read a lot of beauty blogs to gain knowledge on all the products out there and try to find the ones that work best for me.  Today I’m going to talk about this recent addition to my lip product collection – Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

I first read about it on my favorite beauty blogger Anna’s blog, she raved about this product on multiple occasions, even go as far to claiming they are her favorite lip products ever, so I decided to give it a try!  Needless to say, this “lip perfector” did not disappoint.  It has a sweet vanilla scent which smells delicious when you apply, and the formula keeps your lips moist and nourished unlike some of the other colored lip products I’ve tried that dry my lips out after a while.  The shimmer in the gel makes your lips look fuller, and the gel is shaded enough to add a hint of color to your lips but sheer enough that it’s not intrusive so you can wear it on a daily basis.  I have it in 04 Petal Shimmer and I really enjoy the feel of this product on my lips, but with my lip color being naturally darker the light pink doesn’t show up as well as I was hoping for, so I think next time I’ll try the 05 Candy Shimmer which looks like it has a more pigmented pink hue.

The lip perfector

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