The underrated accessory

batman socks

It’s common to see bloggers blogging about their outfits, shirts, jackets, purses, shoes and accessories. But rarely do you see people talking about something that’s very close to us in our everyday lives – socks. It is part of our everyday outfits, but most of the time we choose to ignore them because they tend to be hiding under other parts of our outfits. And I’m definitely one of the offenders in this case.

But today I’m changing that! I finally dug out my fun sock collection and wore my batman socks! It is interesting how little things like this can help you set the mood for the day, and you don’t even realize it until you do it. I love how the batman logo peaks out from the gap between my jeans and shoes, it’s kind of like a superhero hiding within me that can break out free anytime, haha.

Socks are one of the few things that stay very close to our skin on a daily basis. They serve the same important purpose as underwear to us – protect our skin. The only difference is that we can show them of!  So why not show off your socks and praise them as they deserved!

The underrated accessory

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