Sneakers season


Warmer weather means more outdoorsy activities! As we head into the summer I decided it’s a good time to up my active gears game to accommodate all the activities I hope to do in the next few months. On top of that, I started working out on the reg!  I used to hate going the gym, but as I get older I realize how important it is to keep a somewhat active lifestyle, not only do you feel better about yourself after working out, it is also beneficial to your health.  So hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up!

As the result of my new found interest for the gym and plans to be more outdoorsy, I purchased 2 pairs of Nike thinking I will be rotating them as I go, but I only end up keeping one… Here’re my reviews and why I picked one not the other.

Nike Roshe Run – I’ve been eyeing the glacier ice purple fade but couldn’t find them in my size… so I decided to look for something more conservative and found this pair of grey Roshe Run for kids from Nordstorm.  They were my number top choice when I was looking for a pair of new workout/casual/running errand shoes and I was super excited that I found a pair I like and in my size, unfortunately they only look great in pictures (for my feet at least).  The fabric for the toe area is really thin and soft so when I wear them I don’t get enough support for the top of my feet and it feels like I have to constantly be careful about stretching the fabric, so sadly I had to return them.

Nike Free 5.0+ – Recently I started following this blogger Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup obsessively, I saw her wearing her Nike Free 5.0+ not only for workout but pair them with her everyday outfits, which really inspired me! So I immediately went on a hunt and found a great deal on  I received them within a few days and I’m so glad I got them!  I ordered a pair in black because I wanted something subtle and can work well with everything.  Even though the shoes are black, the way Nike layered different materials makes them look very interesting and classy.  They’re super comfortable and super cute, on top of that they look great with regular outfits and workout attires, very happy with this purchase.

Sneakers season

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