Revlon Parfumerie


Over the years I’ve slowly converted to an Essie Fan, buying Essie and only Essie.  I haven’t purchased any other brand for a few years now, but a few weeks ago I saw these Revlon Parfumerie that some bloggers have been talking about on sale for about 50% off, I decided why not try it out?

First I tried the Sunlit Grass – a rich yellow color that looks perfect for spring/summer that immediately caught my attention when I was in the store – the color is really cute and opaque, and the nail polish smells amazing, but when applied it comes out streaky and took me 3 coats to make it look normal, so I was really disappointed.

I’ve been putting off trying on the Lavender Soap – a light pastel purple color that’s perfect for matching everyday outfits – because I was afraid it will just be another disappointment and a huge hassle to apply.  Today I finally tried the Lavender Soap, and surprisingly the color is very rich, smooth and easy to apply.  It came out great and the more I look at it the more I like it!  It was a pleasant surprise because usually colors like this are hard to apply and doesn’t show up well when you actually apply it on your nails, but for the colors of Revlon Parfumerie what you see if what you get!

Revlon Parfumerie

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