Mini fragrance obsession

mini fragrance

A few months ago I purchased a Marc Jacobs mini fragrance set, and immediately fell in love with the mini bottle designs!  The presentation is adorable, bottles are very detailed and visually pleasing, they’re like collectible items to me.  Thus started my obsession with mini fragrance and their beautiful packaging.

Recently Sephora had a deal for free mini fragrance sample with purchase, without hesitation I picked up some stuff from Sephora (see my previous post: Midweek treats from Sephora) and I picked up the Dolce & Gabbana Dolce based on the packaging (buying things for their packaging is one of my many shopping problems).  After receiving it, not only was I happy with the scent, I love the bottle!  The bottle is just as detailed as their regular sized bottle, but extra adorable.  And as a designer, these mini fragrances make me really appreciate the thoughts and efforts that went into designing them.

Mini fragrance obsession

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