Birthday splurge – Diptyque

diptyque candle oval set

To celebrate the special two five, I finally gave in and purchased these delicious-smelling things one of my best friends Native Blonde keeps raving about.  Thanks to her email and blog, I was presented with some good options on where to purchase.  I decided to go with the BeautyBar deal – 20% off using code: AFF20BEAUTYBAR on the already on sale Figuier oval and candle set.  And on top of the Figuier oval/candle set, I also got the Baies candle so I can reach $75 to received their free samples (No girl can pass on the change to get some awesome free stuff, right?).


I’ve smelled the Figuier before and really enjoyed how relaxing it is, so purchasing the set was a no brainer.  I picked the Baies, one of their most popular scent because the description says scent has a bouquet of roses and black currant leaves, and I am a sucker for the smell of flowers.  I’m very excited about it and am hoping it will impress me.

So far I’m only using the oval from the set because my selective OCD doesn’t like to have multiple scents in the apartment, and I want to be able to smell them individually without any distractions to see how I feel about them for future reference.  Therefore I will have more updates on the Baies candle once the oval is done, which might take a while consider the oval is supposed to diffuse perfume for about 3 months (not that I’m complaining).

Birthday splurge – Diptyque

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